1 Bug Spray Garden Natural Organic Labs 1 Gallon



1 Bug Spray
1 Bug Spray

1 Bug Spray Garden (TM)

1 Gallon

Natural Organic Labs (TM)

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1 Bug Spray Garden (TM) is our 100% Natural Organic Bug Spray for Home Gardens. Our product was developed by Natural Organic Labs (TM). This is our Bug Spray Product that you can use to protect your home garden from Mosquitoes and Ticks and other insects. This item comes with a detachable sprayer so you can spray directly on plants and vegetables to keep insects away and create a Mosquito barrier in your home garden.

This product will repel most insects from your home garden and it is safe to use on plants and vegetables. This product will not stunt growth of plants or vegetables when application directions are followed. It repels insects and doesn’t damage or harm plants and vegetables. It will also create a Mosquito Barrier in your home garden that will repel all types of mosquitoes and the Zika Mosquitoes.

Our product was researched and created by Natural Organic Labs and is made of 100% Natural and Organic ingredients and we use only 100% EPA APPROVED minimum risk pesticide ingredients that are 100% natural plant products and minerals.

Our Product contains NO DEET and NO PYRETHRIN.

Help keep your family and yourself safe from Mosquitoes and Ticks that carry the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Denge Fever Virus, Malaria Virus and Lyme Disease.

The best way to avoid Mosquito Bites is to not go outdoors in Mosquito prone areas when Mosquito’s are active. If you do go outside when and where Mosquito’s are, you need to use a Mosquito Repellent and to wear long sleeved clothing and long pants as well as protection for your head and face and hands.

Purchase of Nat Org Products are to a Non Profit Organization





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