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1 Zika (TM) – Natural Organic Zika Virus Mosquito Repellent

Nat Org (TM) is a Non Profit Organization that was founded to conduct scientific research of Natural Organic Products and provide natural organic solutions for many industries. Universitius (TM) assists our Organization with scientific research.

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At Nat Org Labs  (Natural Organic Labs) we research natural and organic products that are all on the EPA APPROVED Minimum Risk Ingredient List for Pesticides. It is the goal of Nat Org to not only research Natural and Organic Products, but also to bring to market Natural Organic Products to help humanity exist in harmony with all the amazing animals and insects as well as plants that our paradise of a planet has created.

We consider our organization to be a leader in developing Natural Organic Products to allow humanity to become the responsible citizens of our planet that our species is destined to become. We are stewards of our Ark of Life, our planet which is a great space ship if use such a simple analogy, that travels through time in our amazing Galaxy. It is up to us to make sure our Ark is safe for as many forms of life as possible.

Our Ark is filled with millions of life forms from insects to plants and animals and even our own species the human race or being that is capable in our opinion of being a responsible animal life form that has evolved to realize how we treat our insects, plants and other animals effects the great web of life that our planet has developed to protect and nourish all life forms.

The sad truth is the human being an truly remarkable intelligent animal species has created many toxic synthetic and toxic natural products to create an environment that is easier for humans to live in with no regard for other life on our planet. Our arrogance in creating things to make human life easier has greatly damaged the web of life of our planet.

We at Nat Org feel it is our duty as intelligent human beings to start to undo the damage caused by over a century of toxic chemicals that were created by humans to farm and control insects. We do this by research and by creating and finding natural and organic ways to improve the human experience on our planet without destroying the web of life of our paradise.

We have created the first Natural Organic Repellent for the Zika Mosquito epidemic and it is sold as 1 Zika (TM).

Protect yourself and your family with this Natural Organic Repellent that does not use any harmful toxic synthetic chemicals or even toxic natural ingredients such as Pyrethrins.

Synthetic chemicals are usually toxic and poisonous to the eco-system or web of life that our beautiful planet has created so all life forms can coexist. Even some natural or organic items when used in high volumes can become a major toxic problem to eco-systems. The use of Pyrethrins now in so-called ‘Organic Pesticides’ is a major problem and the use of this toxic natural product is creating disaster in eco-systems around the world by its widespread use by many ‘organic farmers’.

Natural and Organic is the best solution for human beings to enjoy our paradise without destroying so many other life forms.