Nat Org(TM)

Natural Organic Labs (TM)

We are a Non Profit Scientific Research Organization

Natural Organic Labs (TM) was founded as a Non Profit Organization for the scientific research of natural and organic products for many industries. Our mission is to help humanity develop clean and safe natural organic products to provide a safe clean world for our Children and their future children for generations to come.

Products we develop from our research are sold to consumers and businesses as well as to governmental organizations and sales are used by our Non Profit Organization to fund more research and also fund various charitable projects we are involved.

One of our charitable projects is to provide schools with safe natural organic insecticides so our children are not exposed to the many toxic chemicals now used in insecticides.

You can help our Non Profit Organization continue our import research and projects to ensure a safe clean future for our children and their future children for many generations to come by Donations and or purchase of our Natural Organic Products developed from our scientific research.

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